Friday, March 1, 2013

The week in rants, raves and randoms.


  • This week was my first week of physical therapy for my post-car-accident back pain and after my consultation my mind = blown. My left shoulder has SO MUCH MORE MOBILITY than my right shoulder and apparently that's what's been killing the right side of my back. How did I not notice this difference? (Also, you totally want to go try this right now, right? The rule is you have to keep your shoulder from lifting off the floor. Let me know how it goes.)
  • Pala is back!...but, as usual, she was a big disappointment. The body shop did a pretty terrible job, so she'll leave to have more work done next week. But at least while I have her I'm able to parallel park again... 
  • On Wednesday, I discovered that giant puppy has sustained his first injury. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised it took so long, considering that the puppies can demolish a tiny stuffed animal in approximately 2.5 seconds and we've had giant puppy for a solid 2 months. But alas, it looks like I'll have to get out the needle and thread and perform surgery soon. 


  • I have a group giveaway to tell you about! Head over to Dreaming en Francais to enter. Because free stuff is the best, and so is Taleen's blog. 
  • Our tax refund has arrived! Helloooo, Amazon shopping spree. 
  • This week I had a wonderful meeting at a wonderful little coffee shop with a wonderful wedding coordinator. But, wait...I'm already married? No worries, I won't be obtaining a second husband anytime soon. But I do have an amazing project in the works with another local photographer. I can't wait to share it when we have more of it completed in the next few weeks!


  • At the grocery store last weekend we saw a little old elderly couple. And then we noticed the little old lady's shirt, which read: "Eat right, exercise, die anyway." And she was this completely pleasant looking, tiny little woman. I almost died holding in my laughter. 


  1. I wonder where I can get that shirt...
    Kidding. Kind of.

  2. I wonder where I can get that shirt...
    Kidding. Kind of.

  3. new follower from dreaming en francais - you had me at "pug" haha. hope your arm gets better!

  4. Tax refunds & secret projects! Sounds fun pretty lady!


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