Thursday, March 21, 2013

A pile of poop and a sprinkle of pee.

What I wore: Sweater, H&M. Jeans, Bullhead. Shoes, Forever 21. Earrings, American Eagle. 

Last night, I took the dogs outside for a potty trip. We trekked down the sidewalk and prepared to cross the street. As we approached the edge of the sidewalk, I turned away from the pups to look left, right, then left (like I learned at Safety Town when I was five years old). When I turned back to them, Yoshi was peeing...all over Dobby's back. Really, dog? Really?! 

Like any concerned parent, I freaked out and lunged forward to stop the pee attack. This is when I stepped in an enormous, fresh pile of dog poop. My foot slipped out from under me and down I went, into the poopy grass (thanks, neighbors who neglect to pick up after their pets). Thankfully, I didn't hit any more land mines on the way down, so the rest of my body remained poop-free. But I was so stinking irritated. I had no time in my schedule last night for bathing dogs, but I'm not so fond of urine on our couches, either. 

We continued down the street and my mind shot off to one of the million things on my plate this week. Dobby finished her business and Yoshi was taking his sweet time (as always), attempting to eat ALL of the grass. Dobby jumped up on my legs and looked at me with those adorable bug eyes, and I bent down to give her snuggles. Annnnd I completely forgot that not 5 minutes before, Yoshi had peed all over her. And now I was rubbing my hands on her. And now there was urine all over my arms. 

Yep. Not sad to see you go, Wednesday. Not sad one bit. 


  1. oh no, that's awful! bathing pups is so time consuming, esp late at night! ours peed in the crate the other day (after MONTHS of being totally fine and not having even one accident) poor husband had to bathe him alone (our puppy is 110ish lbs) since i was late getting home from work... so we feel your pain on unexpected baths over here!

  2. Ugh what a terrible outing with your doggies! Dog poop left in the grass is THE WORST. I don't get why people are so careless!

    I've noticed that you're looking really great lately! Have you lost weight? Not that you were big before (you have always been fit) but right now I feel like you are extra fit. Anywho, you're lookin good, girl :)

  3. hahaha this had me snorting out loud at my desk. Ahhhh the life of multiple dog owners :)

    But seriously, people who don't pick up their dog poop INFURIATE me. Don't they want to be able to walk their dog there again without fear of fecal stepage?? Come on now!

  4. Lovely outfit, and I love the new layout!

    Julia x

  5. aww that is horrible!! that quick little walk turned into bath time for everyone.


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