Wednesday, March 13, 2013

24 + a speeding ticket.

What I wore: Jeans, Bullhead. Shirt and shoes, Forever 21. Necklace, American Eagle. 

Yesterday was Ryan's 24th birthday and we spent this past weekend in Tucson celebrating with family and visiting our adorable new niece. Monday afternoon we loaded the car, packed up the pups and started our drive back to California. 

If you know anything at all about Pala, you probably know that she's a bit of a piece - her speedometer has been non-functional for ages and we typically rely on our Garmin to have any idea how fast we're going (not that we need to know, because it's a rare day in LA when traffic is light enough for us to drive remotely close to the speed limit). You also probably recall that a little over one month ago, Pala was on the losing end of a fight with a Hummer. She just returned from the shop a little bit ago and we still haven't replaced all of her contents. 

So, when we embarked on our trip to Tucson, the first thing I realized was that, though I'd remembered to bring the Garmin out to the car, I'd totally forgotten the power cord. And, naturally, Garmi was dead.  But that's what smart phones are for, right? We set up our navigation and even downloaded a speedometer (seriously...there's an app for that). All set, right?

Back to the end of the weekend. It's Monday afternoon. We're just starting the long drive back home. We're following along with traffic because Pala's crazy speedometer says we're currently driving somewhere between 120 mph and 'Neutral'. And then I see a motorcycle cop pull off the side of the road, and despite the fact that we were driving the same speed as every car around us, of course he's pulling up behind us. That's what you get when you're driving with out-of-state plates. 

Ryan pulled over and I opened the glove compartment. No registration and no insurance cards. We took those out of the car when it went off to the shop and we completely forgot to put them back in. Facepalm. I'm sure we sounded like complete morons. I was mentally preparing myself for the worst. I mean, would they haul us off to jail for driving without insurance? Dobby's a feisty lady but Yoshi couldn't handle jail. 

In the end, we got off with a warning and a big, fat ticket for speeding in a construction zone (which we had just entered when we were pulled over). 

Happy Birthday to Ryan. Love, Pima County Police Department. 


  1. AH what a birthday present!

    I'm not one of those people that hate cops, but I do hate the ones that seem to get pleasure out of giving tickets.

    LOOOVE the jeans! Super cute!

  2. Ugh! A speeding ticket for a birthday present-that shouldn't even be legal :) In other news, I adore your pants! I almost bought a very similar pair from forever21!

    XO, Kelsey

  3. oh speeding tickets are the pits to begin with. but on a birthday?! that's just too much. i swear my husband has had more tickets in his life than any 3 people combined. it's only a matter of time before he gets on on his birthday, too.

  4. ugh what a rough story about the speeding ticket. i never get how they choose one car when everyone is going the same speed. at least your outfit here is super cute! :)

  5. Booo lame speeding tickets.

    But that is pretty funny that you used your phones to see what your speed was

  6. Ugh, speeding tickets are the worst! Do you think you could get out of it because your speedometer is broken??

  7. Dude. I hate cops. Hahaha. Sorry if that is the meanest blanketed statement ever. I got a speeding ticket last summer and I also had the pleasure of getting a really random ticket shortly after that honestly can't even be explained hahaha. :( Oh I also got 2 parking tickets in January. I rule.

    More importantly, CUTE PANTS!

    Even more importantly, SO STOKED TO SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!

  8. Ya the Pima County Police Department are like that. They love to give you tickets.


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