Friday, January 11, 2013

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

Almost too pretty to drink. Almost. 


  • Yesterday I was meeting Ryan at the bank during his lunch break (I know, we plan very romantic rendezvous, right?). I beat him there and as I pulled into a parking space a police officer whipped into the parking lot and stopped a few feet behind me. Is she pulling me over? I wondered. I'm already pulled over...should I stay in the car? Two seconds later, a second police car flies into the opposite side of the parking lot, both of them facing the doors to the bank. Holy crap, I think. The bank is being robbed, and I'm sitting in the freaking parking lot. I glanced into my rearview mirror and saw a third police officer standing several feet away wielding an enormous rifle. GAH! I awkwardly backed out of my parking space, drove into the grocery store parking lot next door and watched (obviously...who's going to drive away from something that odd and intriguing?). Nothing happened. After a few minutes, all three cop cars packed up and left. Whhhhaaat? Weirdest bank trip of all time. I still have no idea what all that was about.
  • I'm desperate for a haircut right now. It's so long, it sometimes gets wrapped around my neck while I'm sleeping and tries to strangle me. Murderous, murderous hair. 
  • I have yet to unpack from our trip to Missouri. Because first, after transitioning from California weather to Missouri weather and back again in just a few short weeks, my body and sinuses were a wreck. Then I was too pumped to get to work on the photo sessions I shot in Missouri. Finally, I just got lazy. But soon, I tell you, soon I'll unpack...mostly because I'm almost out of clean underwear. 
  • First of the year bills, fees, renewals and silly extra paperwork are really a big downer on my New Year spirit. Bah-humbug.


  • Either I lost 2 pounds over the holiday break or someone broke into our apartment while we were gone and messed with my bathroom scale. Both of these scenarios seem equally unbelievable to me. 
  • At the gym the other day I received a secondhand pep talk from an extremely enthusiastic personal trainer working out with this guy beside me. It was partially awesome and partially super awkward, mostly if I accidentally made eye contact and they discovered I was listening.
  • Wednesday morning I had a lovely coffee date with another fabulous photographer and she showed me the prettiest little coffee shop. Ryan has informed me that Hilary Duff dines there, so this should reinforce the cool factor, in case anyone was doubting me. 


  • I'm baaaaaack! Many many photos and many many stories from the holidays to sift through and report in due time. It was a long and fun-filled few weeks, indeed, and I hope your holidays were wonderful as well :)
  • Happy weekend!


  1. I was just wondering yesterday when you would start blogging again! Glad to hear you had a good trip! Can't wait to hear more & see pics :)

    P.S. how in the world did you lose 2 pounds over the HOLIDAYS? you must be a freak of nature

  2. I so want to learn how to do that to coffee! Glad to see you back!

  3. I feel like you've been gone for months.

    My hair does this too. My scale does not though.

  4. Yay, you're baaaack! I just love reading your blog. :) I've been going through withdrawals!

  5. welcome back to sunny california! thanks for linking up your post with me:)
    Can't wait to see all the missouri pictures!!

  6. Ah, you will get to the unpacking at some point. Just pull the dirty clothes out as you need them.

    January always brings the extra paperwork, followed by taxes. It's April before I feel like I have all that stuff under control.

    Congrats on the two pounds. What ever happened, that's great!


  7. Yay!!! =D I missed you! Seriously. So glad your back :)


  8. Your bank story is cracking me up - so strange! And when at the gym (rare occasion) I always need the encouragement of others!

  9. So glad your back and I get to read about you hilarious adventures... but the cop thing does sound pretty freaky.
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights


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