Friday, November 30, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.


  • Yesterday I made a DIY hair mask from egg yolk, mayo and olive oil. Two showers later and my head still smells like a funky sandwich. 
  • Ryan purchased a headset specifically for computer gaming. It's official - I'm married to a nerd. A nerd who likes to play weird games and yell weird things at the computer.
  • Next year, the price of our health insurance is going up, so we're downgrading our coverage. You know what that means...I'm going to have to schedule daily trips to the chiropractor during the month of December so I get the most out of it before I lose that benefit. 


  • This week I received some verrrrry exciting photography news! Too early to share, but...soon, friends. Very soon. 
  • Those Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? I hit them up like a boss. I ordered so much loot, I'll probably be expecting a package in the mail every day until Christmas. 
  • The Christmas countdown is finally on, which means I need to get down to business scheduling all the cool Christmas light displays to see and gifts to purchase and plans to make before we leave to go back to Missouri for the holidays. We're pumped to visit...but I can feel the travel stress creeping in already. 
  • Did I ever show you guys the photos from my last engagement session on UCLA's campus? Here are a few...check out my photog blog (I'm a rhyming fool!) to see the rest :)
  • Happy weekend, all!


  1. Funky sandwich, bahaha. You make me laugh, sandwich head.

  2. I've done the mayo in the hair thing... not only was I a greasy mess, I smelled for days. Haha lesson learned!

  3. haha, funky sandwich! That Ginormous tree in the pictures is totally awesome. Love it!

  4. I'm embarrassed to announce I participated in No Shave November. My legs are gross! ;) To quote you, "Hallelujah!"

  5. my manfriend has like 3 gaming headsets, I can't even handle it. As long as I don't have to hear it, I don't care. haha

  6. yay for regular visits from the post man! My favorite!!


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