Monday, August 13, 2012

More of Pala's crazy antics.

Swimsuit: Top, L*Space. Bottoms, Victoria's Secret. 

The very first full day of my Dad and brother's trip, we took off for Venice Beach
(because what better way to give people a crazy impression 
of California than to visit blocks full of crazy?).
We met some...characters...and I found one hundred great artsy things that I need to
buy for my new office, but the craziest thing that happened on our trip didn't actually
transpire at Venice Beach, but a few blocks away. In our parking spot.
By now, we all know that my car deserves no praise. 
What Pala truly deserves is to be punched directly in the windshield
(but that would probably hurt my fist more than it would hurt her). 
When we arrived at the beach, I pulled into a parking spot and turned off the car. 
Upon closer inspection, we determined I should really pull up a bit further
(my parking skills needing work? You must be kidding).
Except that the car wouldn't start. Not even after several tries. 
Fabulous, I thought. Just fabulous.
We left her there and went off to tour the boardwalk, and by some miracle she started 
when we were ready to leave. And she didn't have a problem for the remainder of their trip,
so that's a good thing, at least. But I have no illusions about Pala's trustworthiness anymore.
I'm just waiting for her to leave me stranded, probably somewhere I least want to be.
Stupid Pala. 


  1. I think it's hilarious you named your car. I name absolutely everything too :p

  2. Where did you get that swim suit?! I love it! Thanks!!

  3. there's in-n-out in this post. i feel like there should have been a warning for me. YOU KNOW how i feel about in-n-out.

  4. It sounds like you've had a great last few days. Tiring, but great. Happy anniversary to you guys! And fingers crossed that your car holds out each drive until your at least in a safe place for her to decide to take a nap. :)

  5. I need to try in and out! I don't know when I will ever get close to one :(

  6. I love taking people to Venice and in-n-out when they visit

  7. haha I can't tell if your car needs an auto mechanic or an exorcism. Looks like yall had fun though!

  8. That burger look SO good. Seriously. It's making me drool. I've never heard of that place before.

    And that sign is too funny!


  9. Cute swimsuit!!!

  10. I'm sorry Pala is acting stupid again, but cute swimsuit!! ;)

  11. I love this post: the story, the swimsuit, the in-n-out EVERYTHING it just feels like happiness :)

  12. I couldn't get past your neon suit. hotttttie!

    ok, so I did move on. eventually. you and me and our crappy cars. whenever you get a new one, I'm going to cry for sure. don't leave me!

  13. Oh my gosh. Your photo of In-N-Out literally made me start salivating.


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