Monday, August 20, 2012

Modern day hippies have tough toes.

What I wore: Dress, Say What? via Dillards. Tank, H&M. Belt, Forever 21. 

This weekend, I suffered a grave injury. 
We were trekking through the sand during our weekly walk on the beach
(ah, romantic cliche) when all of the sudden... 
My foot was on fire. Raging, blistering, throbbing fire.
I thought that maybe I'd stepped on a shard of glass
(or a razor-sharp sword)
but lo and behold, there was a tiny little bee wedged into my poor toe 
(the one who had no roast beef).
Apparently I've never been stung by a bee before, because I had no idea what to do.
I was afraid to touch it, and afraid that if I kicked it with my other foot it would hurt worse.
Finally, after a few pain-riddled, agonizing moments of turmoil,
I drug my foot through the sand in desperation and the bee came off.
And I had the joy of digging his stupid little stinger out of my skin.
It was touch and go there for awhile, but you'll be happy to know I survived.
My toe isn't even swollen.
I've got tough toes, people, tough toes. 

On a completely unrelated note: I've been called a hippie more times than I can count. 
The first time, I was mind-boggled. 
Hippie? Me? Say what?
But you know what this dress is saying? It's saying, 
"I embrace my status as a quasi modern day hippie."
Take that, hippie haters. 

Happy Monday!

(P.S. Today I'm guest posting on The Daily Dani,
an incredible daily fashion blog by an Orange County lady with 
some hippie-ness herself. Have a looksy, if you will!)


  1. Andrea! I seriously adore your wardrobe and wish to dive into your closet and steal a few pieces. Glad your toesie is a-okay!

  2. Love that outfit!
    Ouch for being stung, I've only been stung once as a baby. I know it's going to happen again one day and I'm thinking I might cry more now then I did then!

  3. I totally just had to do the little piggy thing on my toes to figure out which one of yours got hurt. Ouch...stupid bee.

    I definitely wouldn't take offense to hippie. I love the style...just like I'm loving that outfit on you :)

  4. I love your hair, so nice!
    And also your skirt look great!

  5. Good thing you aren't allergic to bee stings. I have stepped on bees more times than I can count and it is not pretty.

  6. Ouch the only time I was bitten by a bee was when I stood on it too! Right between my toes. Hurt so much. I feel your pain. I love your everyday dramas and your photos are always so lovely!
    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  7. Adorable outfit! Glad the bee sting didn't hurt too bad!

  8. haha I am still laughing from your bee story (not at you, of course) I just can totally relate! I also had a frightening encounter with an insect this weekend - a big fat stupid fire ant - that was BLACK by the way! Yes I am experiencing some hostilty towards mr.fireant - my foot swelled up and itches like crazy! I wish my footsies were as tough as yours! haha

    thanks for the laughs :)

    Danielle A.

  9. Those suckers hurt like heck. I've only ever gotten stung on my feet too. Apparently bees own the ground we walk on? Once had one land on my nose, you bet I sat there on the deck for a solid five minues stiff as a board before it decided to fly off.

  10. honestly, i am coveting your hair right now! it is beautiful!

  11. I heart hippies and I'm sorry your toe got stung. Poor you!

  12. gosh i love the tie die skirt. i think hippies happen to be cool - and i did an outfit post earlier this summer with my OWN hippie tie dye skirt! :)

  13. very colorful and interesting :)

  14. I've never been stung so I can imagine I would react the same exact way HAHA!

  15. oh, hope that you're okay!! and I LOVE that outfit. love love

  16. I loooove that amazing tie-dye dress! Amazing colors and print ♥
    And oh man, reading the bee story made me cringe...aha, I'm a wimp when it comes to those things. Ugh, I hate them!

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  17. you hair is absolutely gorgeous lady! seriously, i need waves like those

  18. Love that hippie maxi skirt!


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