Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Q&A: The lamest hair tutorial ever.

I've gotten a lot of sweet compliments on this mangy mane of mine. (Thank you!)
You asked what products I use and how I style my hair, so here it is: 
All you could ever hope to know about my less-than-exciting hair life.

Before: This is my hair upon awakening. I mostly shower at night
because I despise using a blow-dryer. Shampoo and conditioner: Matrix Sleek Look.
Leave-in conditioner: Garnier Fructis.
(note: My brain takes a bit to warm up in the morning. After some practice, I figured out how to look into the camera lens in the mirror.)
1. After spraying with Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer spray,
 I divide my hair into thirds, then clip the top and middle sections to the top of my head.
2. I curl the bottom section first, wrapping chunks of hair around a 1 1/2 inch curling iron and holding it for 10ish seconds. (I don't use the little clamp thing on the curling iron, though,
I just wrap my hair around the closed barrel and hold the ends.
And often sometimes I burn myself.)
3. Bottom layer is curled! Hooray!
4. I take a second clip and secure the bottom section of my hair.
5. I let down the middle section of my hair, then re-clip the top section to the top of my head.
It's a very flattering look, right? And then I curl the middle section.
6. Middle layer all finished!
7. Next, I clip the bottom and middle sections together...
8. ...and then I release the top layer. And then I'm done.
Just kidding. I curl that section, too.
9. Top layer = all done!
10. I unclip the first two sections and shake things up a bit to loosen the curls.
11. Just a little spritz of whatever hairspray was on sale.
12. And a tiny squirt of John Frieda Collection Sheer Blonde dream creme
on the frizzies at the front of my hair.


  1. I will definitely give this a try! And those pictures made me laugh. xo!

  2. Amazing hair, wish mine was as long as yours! Lovely post x

  3. Ok....your officially amazing and have the best hair in blogworld. I said it, and I meant it. I'm super jealous.

  4. I love it! You just have gorgeous hair!


  5. You are so cute! Yay for hair tutorials!! You have the perfect hair to create beachy waves too! luckkyyyyy ;]

  6. HAIR ENVY! So pretty!!! This was adorable :)

  7. cute tutorial! if only my hair would look like that after going to sleep without using a blowdryer!

  8. love love your hair. I dont have the patience to curl my hair! But I enjoyed your tutorial!


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  10. You look so super cute in all of these pictures! Especially that last one =D I always love a "happy face" look :)

  11. that was so NOT lame!
    love it! you have great hair lady.

  12. I need to buy more product slash grow more hair. Your hair is amazing. I think I would burn myself 100 times a day if I tried to curl around the iron instead of using the clamp. THANK YOU FOR SHARING. Imma try it soon! =]

  13. superrrrrrrrrr gorgeous! it seriously lasts all day?? maybe i should try this whole showering at night and sleeping with wet hair thing. but, don't you feel icky if you don't shower in the morning? pretty sure i sweat at night cuz i lay next to a grizzly bear...

  14. We curl our hair exactly the same way! And cheers to not using the clamp. I'm still surprised that people spend so much money on the curling wands considering it's just a curling iron with the clamp. Haha! Why pay more, silly ladies?

  15. I'm such a spazz with curling iron and blow dryers, I'm so good at doing other people's hair but become super uncoordinated when it comes to my own.

  16. You have beautiful hair!! seriously!

    followme@ www.studentswife.com

  17. Ok...so it's really funny that you posted this today because last night I was looking at old photos and I happened upon the first homecoming that we went back to Mexico after being in college and your hair was SO short...but I liked it. And I thought to myslef, hmmm...Andrea has good hair, but I think I liked it short better...I don't know why.

  18. This is a good tutorial! I may have to try it!!

  19. Ugh! Your hair is SO pretty! I can't wait until mine grows out! xo.

  20. loved this tutorial and all the fun faces :) thanks for sharing!

  21. Love this, you have pretty hair to begin with!


  22. Hi doll! Thanks for swinging by the blog and dropping a comment! Love meeting fellow bloggers.

    This post is just too cute- you're adorable! Love the hair, btw- perfect summer waves!

    Keep in touch!


  23. You are gorgeous and so is your hair!!! Sadly I've tried curling my hair this way many times, and it doesn't seem to hold past a few hours.. maybe I'm using the wrong products? I usually end up just curling with a flat-iron. xo


  24. That's adorable! My hair is longer than it's ever been right now and well on its way to getting that long and I love love love using the bigger curling iron to do long big curls already!

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  26. This photo tutorial came out really good! You make me wanna' have long hair again. :(

    Zadin ♥♥♥

  27. Lamest?! Your hair is gorgeous! I wish I could ge mine to look like that.

    xo Shane

  28. First of all, this title is the best thing ever.

    Second of all, could you be any cuter? I think not.

    Love the hair! Def not a lame tutorial :)

  29. LOVE your hair. I do pretty much the same daily, but definitely don't have that length! Workin' on it. :)


  30. Not lame! For those of us with short hair it's inspiring and jealousy inducing! Following you back!

  31. Love the hair and the pug. I think pugs are such cuties.

  32. This hair tutorial made me smile. Usually, people leave out the crucial middle steps when things aren't looking so hot and just show the fabulous end result, which leaves the rest of us confused as to why our hair didn't turn out fabulous in 3 easy steps.

    I will be trying this!

  33. This was so not lame. I wish my hair held curls like yours! It's beautiful!

    A Southern Drawl

  34. you are too cute my dear! I am so jealous that your hair already looks that good when you wake up!

  35. You are too cute! I love this tutorial. And your ombre hair. ;)

  36. It's a great tutorial! I'm naturally curly, but my hair is often a mess, i might be trying this, looks great!


  37. oh wow what a cute tutorial!

  38. awesome easy to follow tutorial thanks for sharing :)

  39. omg, you have the most beautiful hair i have ever seen in my life!!!!! massively jealous!

  40. You have amazing hair! Mine never curls like that!

  41. You have gorgeous hair! And really cute and funny pictures. Thanks for the tutorial! Happy weekend!



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