Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day one as a two dog household.

Little sisters are exhausting. 

Yesterday maintenance came to install some sort of
weird seatbelt thing on our water heater to bring it up to California code.
When they knocked on the door, Dobby went nuts.
And like any good momma, I scooped her up to protect her from the bad guy
(and to protect myself from a lawsuit, in case she's the kind of little dog who likes to bite).
The second she was in my arms, pressed up against my shirt,
she let out a little squirt of "I'm scared" pee.
Dobby: 1 
Andrea's clothes: 0
But thankfully, that was our only real mishap.
And I forgave her, of course, in exchange for some kisses.
So, bring it on, Day 2.
My sweatpants and I are ready for you. 


  1. Aww, lol. I can only laugh at you because I've so been there before. Except my clothes weren't the victim. Unfortunately, my sofa caught the bad end of the "I'm scared" pee.

  2. hahaha awww. Yep, new puppies will pee on ya! I still love her!

  3. I love her name! Congrats on the new addition!

  4. Love comes at a price. But she is still adorable, so I guess all is well. Cuteness is always forgiven.
    And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.

  5. haha!
    i hope they are yellow sweatpants!

  6. I can't get over how cute she is. You are really making me think I need a little sister for Westley.

  7. What a sweetie she is! So cute :) And good thing dog pee comes out of shirts! I mean dog anything comes out of clothes, it's the spots on the white carpet that get 'cha.

  8. AW, it's tough to get mad at that little face though so even the peeing sounds cute! xo

  9. Why I can't have animals of children.. the minute urinating on me takes place I would have a sign around their neck which reads.. "free child" "free dog" you pick.

  10. Precious...excited/scared/nervous doggy pee pee accidents are kinda cute :) I'm just glad that humans don't do that haha

  11. awww puppies, I've only ever been 'fear-pissed' by bunny rabbits aha x

  12. you really can't help but love those cute little guys :)
    I'm the WORST at disciplining our dog. She's my babes.
    I say we meet up somewhere in the middle for a puppy play date :)

  13. Aw the poor thing must have been really scared!! My dog does a submissive pee thing, but she's too big to hold so I guess I missed out on this!


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