Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Birthday Weekend: Days 1 & 2.

This is the face I make after one too many roller coaster rides. And that's how Ryan's face looks normally.

Making bets on when the pendulum would knock over another pin. Amer was dead on.
And with that luck, we almost dropped everything to head to Vegas for the night. 

What I wore: Tank, H&M. Cardigan, Old Navy. Jeans, A&E. Shoes, Target. 

Chris D'Elia. 
Dane Cook!
It was a plaid party with all the comedians at The Laugh Factory. Apparently, Ryan knew what was up. 
This past weekend was perhaps the best birthday weekend in the history of all birthdays.
The only birthday that could rival it would be my 21st, 
when I ran a 10K and immediately started taking shots at the finish line, 
but I think this one takes the cake because it involved no vomiting whatsoever. 
The festivities began on Friday afternoon with a late lunch at Neptune's Net in Malibu. 
The ocean view was awesome, the food was yummy 
(possibly the cheesiest grilled cheese I've ever eaten)
and it was the first outing with our friends, Amer and Stephanie
who flew into town Thursday night, so the company was pretty sweet, too.
We spent the day window shopping in Malibu's "Lumberyard",
(which is definitely not a real yard full of lumber but a few blocks of crazy expensive shops)
pretending we could afford to buy things and most likely fooling no one.
Friday night, we drove up to Six Flags Magic Mountain
where the park was reserved just for my birthday! 
Just kidding.
 It was reserved for a few companies, including the one where Ryan works,
but it just so happened to land on my birthday weekend. What luck, right?
None of us had ever been to this particular Six Flags and we were pretty impressed with the number of roller coasters. Because it was a private event, the lines were pretty tiny and in the first 45 minutes or so we managed to ride 3 roller coasters. 
Then, my stomach screamed and threatened to expel grilled cheese all over the ground, so we slowed things down a bit. Our favorite ride was definitely the Tatsu
a roller coaster you ride hanging from the track by your back, 
so you're essentially flying on your stomach like a superhero.
So much fun
even though halfway through the ride I became half-paralyzed with the terrifying realization that if the harness across my chest broke, I would immediately plummet to my death. 
We hung around Six Flags until nearly midnight before making the long drive home.

Saturday, I woke at the crack of dawn (as per usual) and we started our day
with lunch at The Counter in West Hollywood. Custom-built burgers? Yes, please. 
Their veggie burger was delectable, and I'm pretty sure both of the boys gorged themselves on burgers and chili cheese fries. Afterward, we drove around Beverly Hills and Bel Air gawking at pretty houses and fancy gates that hid 
really fancy houses and then we drove up to the 
Griffith Observatory to get a bird's eye view over L.A. 
If only it hadn't been quite so foggy. 
After the observatory, we started heading to dinner at Don Antonio's, because only crazy people don't eat Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo. 
And I never need an excuse to indulge in Mexican. 
On the drive, we passed by The Laugh Factory and Amer nearly jumped out of the car in excitement because his favorite comedian was posted on the line up for that night's show.
We checked the website on our phones, 
and guess who else was going to be there that night?
Dane Cook, my secret lover. 
We bought tickets on the spot, ate our Mexican, 
drank our festive Cinco de Mayo drinks and went to watch some hilarious comedy.
After our show ended we stayed for a bit of the midnight show, but the comics were pretty terrible. When we finally got up to sneak out (don't you hate how comedians always call out people who are leaving early?) we just happened to run into Dane Cook in the empty lobby and he posed for some pictures with us.
This was the SECOND photo-op with Dane Cook for Ryan and me. 
I'm pretty sure that makes us best friends now. That's what I'm calling it, anyway. 

Stay tuned for Days 3 & 4 tomorrow! 


  1. Ahhhh. I LOVE Neptune's!
    Chris used to live in LA so whenever I went down to visit him, we'd pass Neptune's and we'd always stop. SO GOOD.

    Looks like such a great birthday weekend! At least part 1 and 2 do :)

  2. hi, nice blog and great photos! if you want take a look at my blog, we can follow each other if you like it! i hope...kisses :D


  3. All that food looks amazing! I've seen Dane Cook few times! SO FUN!

  4. It looks like you had such a great time!! Good friends, good food, good laughs -- that's everything a good birthday should be! :)

  5. Looks like sooo much fun! Glad your birthday was ah-mazing!! As always, love your clothes :)

  6. Happy {belated} Birthday, lovely!! Um....so glad you got to see my lover, Dane ;) Your pictures are amazing lady and you look adorable in all of them!! Such a fun post! Cheers to many more fabulous years!
    xo, Jess

  7. What a fun weekend! All that food looked amazing and I am totally jealous of your trip to Six Flags, although that roller coaster you described sounded terrifying!

  8. What a fun weekend! All that food looked amazing and I am totally jealous of your trip to Six Flags, although that roller coaster you described sounded terrifying!

  9. "this is Ryan's normal face.." Or something to that effect still has me laughing.

    I'd say you birthday was pretty spot on perfect.

  10. EXCEPT i wasn't there so maybe close to perfect.

  11. Oh man.... Days 1 and 2 sound like perfections!! Can't wait to read more!
    And you totally deserved an amazing birthday weekend! SO happy for you!

  12. Looks like an awesome Birthday weekend! Not to mention that the food in this post looks amazing. :)

  13. i love dane cook! what a blast! happy birthday!!!

  14. Just came to your blog after you left a message on mine. It's cool to find other bloggers out there that majored in English! Congrats on the MFA program :)

  15. Dane. Cook. On your birthday?!

    Did you know we're related?

    Nah. I'm just kidding. But I can pretend. Your birthday sounds excellent! Let's face it, the company totally reserved that night in your honor. Don't kid yourself, it wasn't a coincidence. ;]

  16. Oh my gosh! It looks like you had so much fun. You also look lovely, like always.


  17. What gorgeous photos of what appear to be a gorgeous weekend!! And wow that hamburger looks to die for good!!

  18. You might've had the best birthday of all time. Revel in it!

  19. nice photos! looks like you guys had so much fun! by the way, you've got an awesome and cool blog!
    new follower here.


  20. Sounds like the perfect birthday weekend -- you guys went to some of the best places in LA! Also Dane is my secret love too, bummed that I missed himmm. OH and The Counter is one of the best burger places.. you two should try 25 Degrees in West Hollywood next! xo


  21. Mmm that burger looks delicious. It looks like you all had a blast! I love dane cook. He's hilarious.

    A Southern Drawl

  22. Cute photos! Sounds like a great couple of days! I love Dane Cook!! Happy Birthday!


  23. love chris d'elia although i finally know his name thanks to your post. before that he was just the guy in the whitney show


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