Friday, April 27, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

  • Drinking while wearing lipstick. I always end up pursing my lips around the edge of the cup in an attempt to avoid smearing lipstick onto it (lipstick stains freak me out), and I look like I'm making a duck face. I should never, ever wear lipstick and drink in public.
  • Having a sweet tan on the front of my body and a pasty-white back. Someone (cough, me) was a discriminatory sunbather this past Saturday. But in my defense, laying on my stomach and hanging my head off the lounge chair to read my book makes the blood rush to my head. 
  • Work kidnapped Ryan this week. And Ryan kidnapped the jar of peanut butter from our cabinet. And I miss it. 
  • Having a sweetheart of a husband who will stop on the way home from work to pick up....stuff... I need from the store.
  • Having that same sweet husband work until EIGHT at night, then come home and clean up the kitchen I neglected all day and not complain about it one bit (I'm sounding like a terrible wife here...).
  • A fresh new coat of fingernail polish! That always makes me feel ready to go out and conquer the world.
  • I finally figured out that I can reply to comments via email (I'm slow, okay?)! Also, figured out how to link my email to my Blogger profile so I can receive replies! I'm so tech savvy. Please, come to me with your computer problems. 
  • Getting in a much needed run yesterday...and having Jell-O for thigh muscles this morning. 
  • I'm having chocolate chips waffles for breakfast this morning instead of my normal cup of Fiber One because I'm spontaneous like that. I'm telling you, the life I lead is WILD. 
  • Several days ago, I successfully parallel parked! (insert uproarious applause here) The spot was big enough to fit a semi, and it still took me three tries to get parked, but it still counts
  • Getting whistled at by a car full of high-schoolers whilst walking from my car to the apartment. Not sure if I should be flattered or embarrassed. Thoughts?


  1. I do the same thing when I'm at the's so much more comfier to sit on a beach chair than lay on my stomach so my front is ALWAYS tanner. And you should be flattered by the HS boys whistling at you. :) Have a great weekend!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Ha ha, sometimes it makes me feel REAL good that I still "got it" after 4 years of marriage. Even if it is little teeny boppers whistling :)
    My husband is so good about cleaning up around the house without complaining... I need to have a better attitude about cleaning :)
    And the front of my body is ALWAYS tanner than the back of my body. It's such a pain to lay on the stomach :)

  3. Love your nails! And that wedding ring...GORGEOUS!

  4. Your husband sounds like such a good man! (minus the peanut butter kidnapping!!!) I am probably the world's best parallel parker. EXCEPT when people are watching. Then I have a total freak out and panic attack and straight up can't do it.

    Can we talk about how amazing a fresh coat of polish is? You are SO right--I do want to conquer the world in my pretty new nails.

  5. Your wedding ring is soooo pretty!!! Love your nail polish! :) Happy Friday!

  6. Love the accent nail, I've been wanting to try this myself.
    Adorable blog, I'm following!
    xo Annie

  7. Your rants had me giggling up a storm! But now I find myself craving choco chip waffles! Yum!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  8. Well you should definitely be embarrassed and offended publicly, but secretly love it and make sure your hubby knows your milkshake brings the boys to the yard.

  9. First off, your ring is stunning!!! And parallel parking is tough..I feel ya! Have a great weekend!

  10. I get whistled at by highschool boys all the time, and I am 29. I hate it! But then on the other hand I think, "At least I still got it!" ;)

  11. Haha, this post is cute.

    I totally understand the freash nail polish job.. makes me feel unstoppable.
    You are obviously more tech savy then I, I searched the other day how to respond to comments... I have yet to figure that out.

    Congrats on your raves!!


  12. What a sweet husb you've got yourself, there!
    And I always feel SO awkward if I get whistled at. So...I dunno. I guess go with flattered, since that does the most good : )

  13. Thanks so much for following my blog - I love yours - it's so cute!

    Also, one tip that I think works fairly well is that if you lick your lips before you drink less of your lipstick comes off on the glass :)

    Also, if that is your hand, your ring is gorgeous!

  14. I love that nail color! You should feel flattered when your whistled at, just pretend it's a car full of Brad Pitt's and Ryan Gosling's.. that's what I do anyway - great ego booster! =)

  15. Totally agree with the first two rants!

    Love your blog! So glad you commented on mine so I could find you!

    Have a GREAT weekend!


  16. I can totally relate to the husband cleaning the kitchen thing. I absolutely despise doing dishes...but, I always feel so guilty when he comes home from work and is helping me clean. :)

  17. Ha, ha. I too just figured out the responding by email thing. LOL. I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the lovely blog award on my post today. ;)

  18. The tan reminds me of the episode of Friends where Ross can't figure out how to spray tan. Haha.
    I hope you've seen it, so I don't sound like a total goof. : ) haha.

    As far as the whistling goes...maybe a little bit of both?

  19. Oops! That should say that I would feel a little bit of both! Haha.

  20. First off, your manicure is super cute! Also I'm the worst at parallel parking so kudos to you for pulling it off! Oh and I totally make the same duck face when drinking with lipstick. xo

  21. painting my nails always makes me feel better, too. whoa, i want some choc chip waffles!! on a weekday?? crazy, lol. hmmmm, and the high-schoolers thing... not sure. i suppose you should be flattered? :)

  22. could you please tell me what color that mint green is? It is so beautiful!

  23. You have really gorgeous hands! Haha, how I would love some chocolate chip waffles... :)

  24. Love the green polish! And what a pretty ring!

  25. Love the "randoms" section of your post. That's a compliment, means you still look young! ha ha.

    xo, Megan

  26. Definitely a compliment! Work it, girl!

    I also have jello legs from my workout this past Friday. And by workout, I mean from a few lunges I did at the gym.

    Have a great weekend!

  27. so cute!!!

    Visit my fashion blog and if you want we could follower each other!
    have a great Saturday!

  28. great post honey, your words are truth!


  29. Hahaha this made me laugh. I think I have that same green polish and you have pretty hands.



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