Sunday, April 15, 2012

Venice Canals.

I want to go to Europe. 
I'm dying to see France, Spain, Germany, Italy...
I could go on and on. 
We were planning a trip for this past December, 
but once Ryan received a job offer in Los Angeles beginning in January,
we decided we definitely needed to postpone our Euro-trip. I was so excited about moving 
(and also, being the extreme micromanager I am, 
maybe a tad worried about the logistics of it all), 
I knew I wouldn't be able to thoroughly enjoy being out of the country just before our move.
But Saturday, we discovered this little slice of Italy in California!
In case your knowledge of Venice, California is slim (mine was),
there's more to it than just the crazies on the Venice Beach boardwalk.
Just a few blocks away from the beach, we found these beautiful canals.
And now, Ryan is dying to live here. Which works for me because I would just
buy a gondola and hire someone to drive me around in it all day, 
while I sit under an umbrella, sipping coffee and writing.
So if anyone wins the lottery and has a few mil to loan us, feel free.
You can come over any time you'd like and join me for a gondola ride. 

This can be my new house.

I'll take this house, too. 


  1. Damn! That is so cool! The closest I've ever been is one time while getting off the train (to visit my husband in Sacramento) I somehow got lost and wandered into this little was SO COOL! there was no English ANYWHERE! lol.

    But this looks beautiful. I'm glad you get to experience a little bit of European flair. :) My only Europe experiences consist of Sweden, which is vastly different than the popular destinations. Still, that's why I love it; it's as odd as me. :D

  2. This place is really beautiful and you too are so cute! Hope you'll get to go on ur Eurotrip soon :)
    I was in Venice last summer and it was beautiful, I'm planing to go to Italy this summer too , luckily It's close for me :)

  3. wow how cool that you found this beautiful place in California. I absolutely love the gorgeous homes. So glad you had a fun time. I too would love to travel through Europe. That would be sooo wonderful. :)

  4. i didnt know about the canals until i was 24 and i lived in LA my whole life. they are such a little gem!

    ive walked past that first house before and said i wanted to live there too! so pretty!

  5. We are planning our Euro trip for our 5 year anniversary! :) But sure looks like you found a slice of Europe at home!

    Its A Sunni Dae

  6. Ok.... these pictures looked so familiar and I just realized a movie filmed a scene there! Except I can't remember which movie, it's totally on the tip of my tongue (or fingers in this case) ha ha.
    But seriously.... it looks BEAUTIFUL there! What part of Cali?

  7. We have been trying to plan a trip to Europe too! We even have the money saved up, we just have to wait till we can take some time! I have been over there once, but my husband hasn't!

  8. Maaaan, that looks so NEAT. Definitely do your best to live there. :D

  9. i love, love these canals in venice! we used to go people watching at the boardwalk (there is no place better) and then we'd walk over here. such great picture. and i agree with ryan, i would be dying to live there too!

    also, on a side note, saw that you're debating whether or not to pick up 50 shades. i read all three in five days if that helps!

  10. Wow, all this time in LA and I have NEVER been here! Looks gorgeous. I definitely wouldn't mind relaxing on a gondola with a cup of coffee on a daily basis! xo

  11. Hi there! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I really like your outfit, it looks like you and your guy are having such a fun time in CA. how cool that you just moved there! where from? I'm an L.A. native :)

    hey, I wanted to let you know that i'm your newest follower. I'd love if you'd visit my site again soon and follow along! That way we can keep in touch!xo, elle from Living in Color.

  12. this looks beautiful! love the scenery


  13. Gorgeous place to live!! And dont give up of coming to europe, you are going to love it.

    careful with the invitations ... people may accept;)

    new follower

  14. Gorgeous pictures and I love your outfit! My husband and I also moved to SoCal recently, but we haven't been to Venice beach yet, but after seeing these pictures we will definitely be going soon!

  15. I'm with you on those homes....gorgeous!!! Love your outfit as well. I want to go to Europe also!!!

  16. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO what you're really saying is that when I come and visit you, you're taking me there.


    yep, awkward self invitation alert.

  17. oh my gosh...these houses are to die for! i will gladly leave my apartment to move here. :)

  18. Oh just in love with Venice now. Gorgeous photos and so glad you shared. I think parts of the movie Valentine's Day was set there.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  19. i love venice, except sometimes the canals really smell. next time you are there go to brunch at 26 beach for brunch. they have reese's french toast. it's amazing.


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