Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fruits, veggies and finishing my novel.

What Yoshi wore: Dog jacket, Martha Stewart Pets.
Sure, it's sort of girly, but Yoshi is completely comfortable in his manhood so he can pull it off. 

Last Friday, 
I finished the first draft of my second novel!
It ended up weighing in at 82,487 words.
(in real, published novel speak this is somewhere around 330 pages)
I've already begun to read through it and make changes for the second draft
and I'm so ecstatic! I've got a good feeling about this one, I swear.
I'm really excited to finish the editing process, hopefully by the beginning of summer, and to begin querying publishing agents. If any grammar-nazis want to take this story on (for free...I'm a starving, unpublished author, after all) once I've finished making changes, let me know!
In other news, I'm on Day 3 of my 7-day diet and I'm feelin' good!
Sunday was all fruits, which was no problem (I could nosh on fruits all day long),
and yesterday was all veggies, which was a bit weirder. For example, I had cauliflower for breakfast, which felt incredibly bizarre. You're supposed to avoid sugary veggies, like corn or carrots, but I treated myself to some carrots for dessert last night because I'm decadent like that.
Today I can eat both fruits AND veggies, which feels like a party after yesterday.
I've already had a grapefruit, apple and strawberries and I'm looking forward to an enormous plate of sauteed (without oil) peppers, onions and mushrooms (I'm counting those as veggies, so back off!) 
with a big side of broccoli. Yum. 
I think my body's pleased to have such a plethora 
of vitamins and nutrients at its disposal. 
You're welcome, body. 
In other, other news, today is day 2 after PDT treatment
which means it's the worst day for my face. Its insanely hot, swollen and red 
(a lot like the worst sunburn of your life). And I'm still not allowed outside (as my skin is really
susceptible to sunlight right now) which stinks because it's supposed to be a gorgeous day.
I hope everyone else is out there, frolicking in the beautiful weather for me!


  1. Aww, your dog is super cute! How old is he? Wish I could have a dog like him
    Good luck on your novel =)

  2. Thanks! He's almost 5 now...we still call him a little puppy though :)

  3. Congrats on finishing your draft.

    Fruit all day sounds great!

  4. congratulations on finishing your draft!
    also, yoshi definitely needs doggles...

    xx jes

  5. haha, i feel you! great job staying strong!!


  6. I will have to try that diet soon! And as I said yesterday, I would LOVE to edit your novel!! brittanysiemens@gmail.com

  7. you go girl! thats awesome! day 3 is a fun one, its my fav day :)

  8. LISTEN.

    About that diet of yours, I forgot to pray for you today, so if you failed today, totally blame me.

    and about your novel, you rock, you totally and completly rock.

  9. your pug is the cutest! I love pugs and their goofy personalities. Congrats on finishing your first draft. That's so exciting. you should be so proud of yourself and hope you celebrate your great and I'm sure lots of hard work accomplishment. :)


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