Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A series of brain farts.

What I wore: 30 days. No outfit repeats. Day 11. That shirt's the first shirt I ever made...annnd it shows.
Yesterday I suffered a series of brain farts. 
Tuesdays are laundry days and, as usual, we had two heaping loads for me to carry down to the laundry center. I dumped them in two washing machines and doused them in detergent (technically the detergent went in first...the machines have a huge instructions sticker that says in big, bold, ALL CAPS letters: "Add detergent first; DO NOT POUR OVER CLOTHES". I don't really understand why, but the screaming letters scare me so I do what they say). 
It wasn't until I was feeding my quarters into both machines that 
I realized I was only going to have fifty cents left; 
not enough to run a dryer. 
That was brain fart number one. Brain fart number two was that instead of driving to the bank (literally only a few blocks away) and getting quarters while our clothes were washing, I lugged our soaking wet laundry back to the apartment and proceeded to
hang it to dry on every available surface. 
Bedsheets don't air dry quickly. 
This is why we slept on a sheet-less mattress last night. 

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