Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A fresh, new habit.

Today, I got dressed. See:

Weird, right? But seriously...there are plenty of days when I don't shower (gross!), don't put on make up and I slob around in my sweatpants because I can. Which is fine, sometimes. But it's weird when, like me, you don't currently have leave-the-house-every-day obligations. I'll always think, "Eh, no one's going to see me. Plus, I'm just going to work out later and get all sweaty anyway. No shower for me!"
I'm productive during the day (um, uuuusually) but it's MUCH easier to decide you'd rather lay on the couch all afternoon and watch reruns of Law and Order SVU if you're in your sweats than if you took the time to get ready for the day. And even when I am productive, it's just harder to feel good about myself when I'm looking like a bum. You know?
So, I'm implementing a new work dress code. From now on, I shall report to my "office" (i.e. the kitchen table, my favorite place to write) each weekday morning dressed to the nines and ready to get crackin' on my novel.  Hopefully that will lead to being even more productive, more confident and also, less smelly (just kidding - I never smell bad).
Plus, as much as I love sweatpants (LOVE), I also fancy myself to be a bit of a fashionista deep down. Maybe it'll be good to let that part of me out a bit more often.

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