Tuesday, February 28, 2012


What I wore: 30 days. No outfit repeats. Day 6.
Like my scarf thingy? It's a DIY I found on Pinterest!
My second novel, the one I'm writing right now, is a "coming of age" story about two girls in high school (sounds lame, but I think its got a bit of an original spin to it, and coming of age stories will always be relevant in my book). It's told from first person perspective and thinking like a high schooler has got me remembering what I was like in high school (though the high school experience I'm creating in my novel does NOT mirror my own; this is important to note,
in case anyone ever reads the novel, haha). 
I really liked high school. I didn't always like it as it was happening, but now I look back on it (from the great distance of 5 years) quite fondly.
In that spirit, a few amusing (i.e. slightly embarrassing) things I remember:
1. I wore the same pair of baggy, dude's sweatpants nearly every day of my senior year. I'm sure my mom remembers this, as she was not fond of it. At least the sweats I wear now are a bit more girly.
2. I once endured a urine test and went on a weird diet to cut weight, all in the name of journalism, while I was "researching" the new high school wrestling rules for a school newspaper article.
And that was the end of my career in investigative journalism.
3. Senior year, after I was crowned Homecoming Queen, Ryan and I went directly from the football game to the dance. Of course, no one else was there yet. So we left to go to Dairy Queen (in my crown, mind you), because ice cream is #1 in my heart and they would have been closed if we waited until after the dance. When we got back an hour later, they wouldn't let us back in.
The things I sacrifice for ice cream. 
4. I went to the Sadie Hawkins dance sans the retainer that had my fake teeth attached. I was a real, live hillbilly that night. That must have been frightening for everyone.
5. Ryan and I went to eat Mexican after every one of his home soccer games. And after he introduced me to biscuits and gravy, I may have requested he bring it to me for breakfast a few (many) times at school. And he definitely took me out for ice cream every weekend.
Apparently, he won me over with food.
I'm a bit ashamed.


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